Why Bad Things Happen to You – The Shocking Truth


We all know this feeling – something bad happens, then another, then another, and you start wondering why bad things happen to you. It seems as if the world is against you, and you specifically are the target of all the bad luck the universe has to offer. Sounds familiar? Keep on reading and we’ll tell you how to change your future for the better.

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A Quick Reality Check


You are not the target of all the bad things in the world. Bad things happen to everyone – even to the most successful people. The fact that you may not see it with you own eyes doesn’t mean it isn’t true. In fact, many successful people go into a lot of trouble to hide their failures and the bad things in their life.

Think of some rich and famous people you’ve heard about who got divorced, for example. This is the sort of bad experience that gets to the news, so you’re exposed to it. Keep in mind that the fact that people look happy doesn’t mean they are truly happy. Also, people in general, and especially “successful” people, tend to publicize only the good things, so you get a very narrow and one-sided view of their life. Their real life is much different than what they expose.

Also, did you ever have any friends you thought everything was going really well for them, only to find out later that their life is full of problems they have not discussed before? That’s good evidence you should be very careful with how you judge other people’s lives, and how you judge yours.

So when you ask yourself why bad things happen to you all the time, remember that many people feel just like you. This is already evidence that you’re not the sole target of all of the world’s “bad luck”, and neither are they. There is a way for you to become happy and positive, but it requires work on your end.

Why Bad Things Keep on Happening to You


I always say you should imagine two hamster wheels. We’ll call one of them “the good wheel” and the other one “the bad wheel”. If you look at your life and at other people’s lives, you’ll notice that people who have bad experiences tend to have more bad experiences, and people who have good experiences tend to have more good experiences.

You’re probably aware of the fact that you can spend a lot of time looking for a romantic partner but not find anyone, but then when you do find one, suddenly the same people who were not romantically interested in you before, start showing interest in you.

Or maybe you’re aware of the saying that “money is attracted to money”, or that successful people keep on succeeding, or that, as the saying goes, “the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer”. But why are those things generally true?

Well, it so happens that if you’re running on the bad wheel, you have negative thoughts, they keep you on the bad wheel, and that’s why bad things keep on happening to you. On the other hand, if you’re on the good wheel, you have positive energy and that attracts positive things into your life.

Would people want to hang out with someone who’s constantly depressed and negative? Would an employer want to hire someone who has low self-confidence? These are just a few examples why people on the bad wheel keep on getting bad things, and people on the good wheel keep on getting good things.

So, if you wonder why bad things happen to you, you should realize that you’re now on the bad wheel, and that’s why you keep on receiving bad things.

Why Bad Things Keep on Happening to You - Hamster

Wait – So I’m Destined to Run on the Bad Wheel?


Not at all. If you’re now “running” on the bad wheel, you need to “jump” to the good wheel. It requires work on your part, possibly work that’s very hard for you, but it’s worth everything. When you’re on the good wheel, good things start happening to you, you gain confidence quickly, and it results in more good things coming your way, and the good wheel continues spinning.

But there is something very important you need to understand here. If you’re now on the bad wheel and feel that bad things keep on happening to you, you must invest time and effort to move from the bad wheel to the good wheel, by taking your life into your own hands. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone, and do things that may be very hard for you.

However, falling back from the good wheel to the bad wheel only requires you to do nothing. Read that sentence a few times – it’s very important. If you bask in the joy of being on the good wheel and don’t continue the same work that brought you there in the first place, you’ll eventually fall back to the bad wheel.

Life will always throw curve balls at us, and we will always have to deal with bad things happening and unpleasant situations. If we do nothing about it and think we’re just going to stay in the same good place that we’re at right now, we’ll soon find out we’re moving backwards. If you don’t put the necessary work, you shouldn’t wonder why bad things keep on happening to you.

So let’s talk about some things we can do in order to move from the bad wheel to the good wheel.

Change Your Perception


Most of the bad things that happen to you are only subjectively bad in your mind, because of your perception. That is, they may be unpleasant, or the outcome could’ve been better, but they will only affect you if you let them. It’s for you to decide whether you become happy and positive or depressed and negative. I’m not saying it’s easy to do, but I’m saying it’s what you should do.

You will find that when you’re on the good wheel, you build your confidence quickly and so when something bad happens it doesn’t shake you so much. But you still have to do the work to make sure you stay as confident and positive as you were before, so if a series of bad occurrences happens and it seems as if bad things constantly happen to you, it won’t pull you back into the bad wheel.

One other thing that you should change your perception about is that we don’t really know what’s good for us in the greater scheme of things, and what’s not. Many things in my life seemed to me like devastating experiences at the time, only to find out later that I should consider myself lucky for what had happened.

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A Story About a Cruel Betrayal


Just so you understand how much your perception and will power affect your situation, let me tell you a short story. I had a girlfriend that I loved very much, and she loved me. We were together for about two years, but after 6 months she experienced a very severe personal trauma and went into very deep depression with suicidal thoughts. I literally stopped my life for a year and a half to take care of her and make sure she gets better.

And what did I get in return? Well, during that year and a half I mostly got very bad treatment, because she was in a very negative state of mind. But what’s worse, is that after she already got better, she informed me that she’s been seeing someone for several months, that she was in love, and that she was leaving me and never wanted to hear from me again. And she did all of that in a text message, no less.

I’m not going to go into what went through my mind and my heart (a dagger) when I read that message, because one of the things we should always do is concentrate on the positive things in life, but I’m sure you can imagine how I felt. However, from the deep hole I suddenly found myself in, several good things happened:

  1. I got confirmation to my suspicions of what kind of person she was, and thanked God it ended like that and not with some sort of horribly-failed marriage.
  2. I had my life back, and didn’t get dragged down by all the negativity I had to constantly deal with for a year and a half.
  3. I realized that all the bad things that happened to me in that relationship were a result of my choices, and I should make much better choices in the future, and not let love blind me from seeing what’s really going on.
  4. I had to make huge efforts to get out of the deep negative hole I was in, so I completely got out of my comfort zone and did things that not only got me out of that hole quickly, but propelled my life up like a rocket and changed them to a much better state than before I ever met her.

And if you’re wondering, this whole thing ended up with me sending her a long message thanking her for our time together and wishing her a lot of success and happiness with her new boyfriend. Weird? Only if you’re ok letting other people’s actions affect your inner world and happiness. For people who put the effort to be the masters of their own lives, this would be the normal reaction.

So if you’re asking yourself why bad things happen to you all the time, you’d better ask yourself if you can’t eliminate most of them just by changing your perception and controlling your mind. Most of the bad feelings you have are a result of how you perceive things, and the fact that you let external events control you, instead of you controlling yourself.

Is Everything Under Your Control?


Well no, but yes. Many things that happen to you are external things you may have no control of. For example, the passing of a loved one, or the company you work at going out of business. But what matters is how you react to things, how you control your mind and perception, and what positive things you can take out of that experience moving forward.

It’s ok to feel bad for some time, when the situation warrants it (like the passing of a loved one). However, it is not ok to let external events control your life and send it spiraling down with bad emotions. That part is totally under your control, no matter how hard it is. It is all in your hands.

It may be very hard for you to believe that you can experience positive things once again. It may be very hard for you to believe in the process it takes to jump from the bad wheel to the good wheel. In fact, you probably won’t believe in it, because it’s so much outside of your comfort zone, especially when you believe that bad things constantly happen to you.

You need to realize, though, that the things you’re used to doing are exactly the things that keep you on the bad wheel. If you want to jump to the good wheel and have good experiences, you have to make a committed decision to do whatever it takes and get out of your comfort zone as much as needed. If you keep on doing the same things, don’t be surprised that you’re getting the same results.

You are the only one who can determine how you feel, and those feelings will determine what things get attracted to you in the future.

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If you find yourself constantly wondering why bad things keep on happening to you, remember these things:

  1. Your perception makes things much worse than they really are – change your perception.
  2. Things that look horrible now will seem like nothing in the future. You may even realize they were a blessing in disguise.
  3. You can, and should be the master of your inner world. You have complete control over what you feel – you just need to put the work that’s required to do that.
  4. Invest time and effort into jumping from the bad wheel to the good wheel, and staying on the good wheel, and good things will constantly come your way.

You are not doomed. Your life isn’t over. You can, and will reach places much higher than you’ve ever been in, if you put the necessary work to become happy and positive. Work on yourself to stop believing that bad things constantly happen to you. Never give up, always move forward one step at a time, and you will live the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

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