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If I could do it, you can do it too!

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By Gal Badishi, Quickfidence

Do you realize that in a MONTH you can be MUCH more successful with girls?

My Story

Hi, I’m Gal, the creator of A Shy Man’s Guide to Women.

It’s a course that’s designed to make you successful with women and get the girls that you want.

You probably got here after reading one of my stories or watching one of my videos.

So I’ll value your time and get right to the point.

This is me when I was about 17:

17 Years Old Photo - A Shy Man's Guide to Women

I didn’t like the way I looked, I didn’t have confidence talking to girls in any romantic way, and I was generally unsuccessful with girls.

I mean, I had female friends, but I couldn’t approach a girl and ask her out.

I didn’t know what to say.

I didn’t think I was worthy of her.

I was sure she was going to reject me.

And I was nervous and afraid in general.

If I DID get myself to approach a girl, I’d just mumble something and I didn’t really know how to continue from there.

At best, I got to be their FRIEND…

So I suffered for many years, seeing all the girls that I wanted go out with other guys.

But at some point I decided to change.

I opened my mind completely and decided to re-learn everything I knew about women and how to approach them.

I found some scattered stuff online, and I had my successful friends as mentors.

And I constantly took action.

My work paid off almost immediately.

And I created my own methods of doing things.

Here are VERY FEW examples of what happened after I became COMMITTED to being successful with girls:

As you can see, my methods work.


And they’re a lot of fun.

And I had amazing emotional connections and relationships with some of the girls you see there.

Because my methods are clean, natural and honest.

Imagine yourself being the person in these photos. Imagine what it would feel like to be with an amazing girl.

How happy and proud you would be. How other people would envy you because they want that too.

And how your social abilities will EXPLODE, especially with girls.

And you know what?

If I could do it, so can you.

And much faster, since you have me as your guide.

Just decide that you really want to, and let me do the rest for you.

Why My Course Is For YOU

I want you to succeed and have a great time with the girls you desire.

That’s why you have my constant support during the course.

But I also want the course to be affordable.

Because every man deserves to find his girl.

Other dating coaches take anywhere from $100 and up for do-it-yourself niche courses where they’re NOT involved at all.

And they can even get to $10,000 a course if they’re personally involved in the course.

But that’s not how I do things.

First, here’s what you get in the course:

Hidden accordion
The BASIC version
  • Step-by-step daily tasks, building you from the ground up, so you’re never presented with a task you can’t successfully perform.
    Which means you’re always calm and confident, and you feel proud of your CONSISTENT results.
  • The “phoneless” way of getting a girl’s phone number that completely blows her mind, so you don’t have to deal with fake phone numbers.
    Which means you’re not going to get offended and frustrated when you try to contact her later.
  • The “body warmup” method that allows you to advance in physical stages with the girl, so she feels comfortable and WANTS you to make another move.
    Which means you’ll get as physical as you want with the girl without having to worry anymore about what you should do and when you should do it.
  • Special techniques learned from major video game companies to make your whole experience FUN, so you don’t stress out when you deal with girls that you like.
    Which means you can kiss your approach anxiety goodbye.
  • The search method that gets you places where you can find the right girl for YOU, so you don’t have to waste your time on girls that are bad for you.
    Which means that instead of working hard to find a girl that makes you feel bad, you work less and find a girl that makes you happy.
  • The sure and easy way to increase your social status, so that both men and women see you as a high-value man.
    Which means girls would want to be with you, and guys would want to be around you.
  • The weird daily routine that boosts your self-confidence and breaks the glass ceiling over your head, so you can be all you can be.
    Which means there will be nothing stopping you from fulfilling your dreams and fantasies.
  • The little-known secret about hot girls that may DRASTICALLY change your approach, so you don’t crash and burn by “speaking Chinese” to the girl.
    Which means you could get gorgeous girls that other people don’t know how to get.
  • The crucial shift you must make if you want to have a long-term relationship with the girl, so she doesn’t just leave you one day “for no reason”.
    Which means you’ll be able to have a strong and long-lasting relationship with the girl that you love and who loves you back.
  • The ruling concepts of what to say and what to do in different situations, so you never get “stuck” without knowing how to continue.
    Which means no more awkwardness and feelings of embarrassment and shame.
The ADVANCED version
  • EVERYTHING that’s in the BASIC version.
  • 4 LIVE deep-dive webinars, so you can understand the small things that make the difference between success and failure.
    Which means you’ll be less likely to fail, and more likely to get the girl.
  • 4 LIVE Q&A sessions, so you can get answers to the things that matter to you the most, and also hear solutions to other people’s problems.
    Which means you’ll manage to overcome your fears and challenges much faster.
Benefits of taking the course
  • You’ll save money by reducing the number of failed dates you have. The course will literally pay for itself.
  • You’ll have higher social status and be the envy of your friends.
  • You won’t feel out of place anymore when you hang out with your friends and they bring their girls with them.
  • You’ll have better social skills, which will open more doors for you and allow you to make more money.
  • You’ll save the time you once wasted on unsuccessful encounters.
  • You won’t have to put so much mental and emotional effort into getting girls.
  • You’ll be happier and feel alive.
  • You’ll have high self-esteem and high self-confidence.
  • You’ll gain the love and devotion of girls.

When you buy A Shy Man’s Guide to Women, you’ll instantly start receiving daily emails with lessons, tasks, and downloadable content.

If you purchase the ADVANCED version of the course, you’ll also receive throughout the course 4 invitations for the live webinars and Q&A sessions.

The program itself takes about 5 and a half weeks to complete.

That’s 5 and a half weeks of lessons, progressive tasks, and downloadable content.

But you can take it at your own pace.

The course is there for you to access at any time.

I go above and beyond to support you during the course.

And that’s why I also want you to have a price you can afford.

I put the price of the BASIC version at $147 (85% discount), and the price of the ADVANCED version at $497 (83% discount) .

And let me ask you this:

If all my program did was get you the girl of your dreams, would it be worth its cost?

Think about it.

Well today, you’re in luck.

Since I’m still in the product launching stage, I’m going to cut the prices down for you by A LOT MORE.

So TODAY, the BASIC version costs only $47 (68% ADDITIONAL discount), and the ADVANCED version costs only $147 (70% ADDITIONAL discount).

Launch Price Table - A Shy Man's Guide to Women

That’s just an incredible price for the ADVANCED version, considering you get all the amazing course content plus 4 LIVE webinars and Q&A sessions.

Why did I lower my prices even more?

Because I’d like to get your feedback during the course, to make sure it exceeds all your expectations.

I can’t make you give me feedback, but I trust that when you see how much great content you’re getting, and how I’m committed to your success, you’ll return the favor.

Just keep in mind that this is a limited time offer, for people who want to have a better life starting RIGHT NOW.

As soon as the launch period is over, the prices will move back to the original ones.

And one more thing you should consider: After the launch period ends, there won’t be live seminars anymore. Just pre-recorded ones.

So act quickly and get your ADVANCED version now, while it still costs you the price of 6 failed dates with girls.

It will actually SAVE you money.

But Wait! There’s More!

I told you I was going to go above and beyond for you, so I’m giving you a couple of FREE bonuses.

These 2 bonuses are available both for buyers of the BASIC version and of the ADVANCED version:

BONUS #1: 37 Opening Lines ($47 value)

It’s hard to approach a girl. I get it.

Especially when you don’t know what to say.

But when you DO know what to say, you suddenly get filled with a lot of confidence, and you find it much easier to go and start talking to the girl.

That’s why I’m including 37 Opening Lines, which gives you 37 opening lines for use in different situations.

It comes with explanations of where to use each line, so you never have to worry about what to say anymore. Which means you’ll reduce your approach anxiety by A LOT.

BONUS #2: LIFETIME Access to our Exclusive Students Facebook Group ($497 value)

Get access to our exclusive, students only, A Shy Man’s Guide to Women Facebook group.

You can ask questions anytime you want, share stories and challenges with your peers, and get support and insights both from me and from the community.

Using this group you’ll be able to get quick solutions to the issues you’re facing, so you never have to be stuck with something. Which means you’ll be able to progress much faster and achieve more results quickly.

The “lifetime” part means the lifetime of the group. You’ll have access to the group for as long as it exists and you follow its rules (and Facebook’s rules). Your access will NOT expire when the course ends.

In a sense, this group will serve you the same way my successful friends served me when they gave me feedback and guidance.

Two Women Dancing - A Shy Man's Guide to Women


I have a guarantee for you, but it’s not the traditional “no questions asked” guarantee.

I’m not offering any refunds, for a very simple reason:

If you’re thinking of a refund right now, it means you’re not committed to becoming successful with girls.

And if you’re not committed, no course can help you, and nothing is going to change in your life.

I know it, because I’ve been in that place for several years, even when I had all the information I needed in front of me.

So in that case, I don’t want your money because you’ll just be throwing it away.

But here’s what I’m willing to do for you if you ARE committed.

If you can SHOW me that you’ve properly done all the tasks throughout the entire program, but you still experience no improvement AT ALL with girls, I will personally get on a 1-on-1 coaching call with you to see what needs to be done to make you successful.

Because that’s the real important thing here – Your success with girls.

But let me tell you right now – If you perform all the tasks as written, you’ll notice the positive change even on a daily basis.

And the only emails I’ll be getting from you are happy and excited emails.

Offer Summary

Here’s what you’re going to INSTANTLY get when you purchase the course:


  • 5 and a half weeks of daily emails with lessons, tasks, and downloadable content
  • 37 opening lines with explanations
  • LIFETIME access to an exclusive Facebook group of the course’s students
  • 4 LIVE webinars (in the ADVANCED version only)
  • 4 LIVE Q&A sessions (in the ADVANCED version only)
Launch Price Table With Bonuses - A Shy Man's Guide to Women

This is a limited time offer, only for the launch period. It may go away at any time.

Secure your price and live webinars now.

Have any questions? Send me an email to support at quickfidence.com

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