5 Important Reasons to Organize Your Life


Do you feel that your mind is just a mix of ideas and things are not really moving forward like you expect? This is probably why you need to organize your life.

We now list 5 important reasons to organize your life, and also provide tips on what specific actions you should take.

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Having a Specific Goal


You know you need to organize your life when you don’t even have a specific goal you’re trying to reach. You may have no goals at all, or have multiple conflicting goals that you tend to switch around.

Having no clear and specific goal in life means that you are running around in circles and can’t really achieve anything substantial. You are not in control of your life, but are rather controlled by random external occurrences.

If you want to organize your life and achieve something substantial, start with defining a clear goal and stick with that goal. It should be something that you truly desire, as more often than not, reaching a goal requires substantial time and effort, and you will have to face failures along the way.

Set your goal high, so there will be something substantial to accomplish, and then make sure most of your choices in life are directed towards that goal. Having a clear and specific goal will immediately organize your life by making sure you focus your attention almost exclusively on things that align with your goal, thereby reducing the “clutter” in your life.

Financial Visibility and Control


Have you ever had that moment, where you look at your expenses at the end of the month and you have no idea why the number is much larger than you expected? Does it happen often?

One very important reason to organize your life is having clear financial visibility. This means that you know how much money is supposed to come in each month, and how much money is supposed to come out each month. It doesn’t mean that you have the actual exact numbers down to the last cent, and it doesn’t mean that you know this at the beginning of the month, but it does mean that you keep track of things and the result at the end of the month does not surprise you.

I used to know a girl who was like a magician – she made money “vanish” into thin air, and didn’t even know where it disappeared to. She was always surprised that at the end of the month her balance showed that she spent much more than she earned, and sure enough, she was quickly in debt that just got deeper and deeper.

You should organize your life so you don’t find yourself in the same situation. For example, one thing you should be aware of is that it’s easy to not pay attention to small expenses, because they are, well, small. However, if you have many small expenses in a month, counted together they become a substantial expense.

I’m not saying you should limit yourself to only “strictly necessary” expenses, but I am saying that you should keep track of your expenses, so you always know where you’re at financially and you don’t get any nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Also, it would be useful to have an estimate at the beginning of the month for how much money you’re going to make that month, and what expenses you’re going to have (just broadly divided into categories). Then, at the end of each month you can compare your estimate with the actual results, and see how realistic you were in your assumptions.

This would be good practice for you to start assessing your money flow in a realistic manner, which will eventually lead to you making better financial decisions.

Reasons to Organize Your Life - Prioritise Blocks

Clear Priorities


Organizing your life means having clear priorities. You don’t want to waste a lot of your time on something that’s not really important to you, when there are much more important things for you to do.

When you prioritize the importance of things in your life, it makes it much easier to make decisions. You focus your attention first on the high-priority items, and you make sure no low-priority item interferes with a higher-priority item.

A clear list of priorities can immediately show you what conflicts you currently have in your life, and what you should do about them. For example, you might make a prioritized list of things that are important to you in a romantic relationship, and discover that the partner you’re currently with holds only traits that have low priorities.

Keep in mind that you have to be true to yourself when creating a list of priorities for any subject, or the list won’t be effective. Making a true list of priorities can be an eye-opening experience, which may reveal to you that what’s truly important to you is not what you’re actively pursuing.

Better Efficiency


Order creates better efficiency, and organizing your life creates order. Let’s look at a very simple example that can increase your efficiency.

Write down the five most important things you need to do tomorrow. Now prioritize the tasks and sort the list in descending order of priority (that is, the first task has the highest priority and the last task has the lowest priority).

Tomorrow, start by working on task #1 on the list. Don’t stop until you finish it. When it’s done, move to task #2, and so on. If you have never done something like that before, you will see great improvement in your efficiency.

Additionally, when you organize your life to increase efficiency, you don’t want any distractions to interfere with your work. It is very important that you stay focused if you want to achieve your goals. This means, for example, that when you’re working on a task, you turn off all unrelated sounds of incoming messages or email, and concentrate only on the task until it’s finished. Just hearing the sound of an incoming message will make you lose your focus and will harm your efficiency and the quality of your work.

Better Mood


One great side-effect of organizing your life is that your mood gets better almost instantly. You have a clear plan, you reduce “mental clutter”, and you immediately feel a sense of achievement, just by organizing and prioritizing everything.

Then, when you start working on your tasks, because everything is ordered and organized, you are more efficient and you manage to accomplish more things than you managed before. This increases your feeling of achievement, makes you more confident, and overall makes you feel better.

Clear priorities make you concentrate on what’s really important, and so you don’t have the mental “baggage” of feeling guilty that you are not doing the other tasks you “should be doing”. You simply realize that they are not as important as the task that you are currently doing, and you shouldn’t care so much about them.

When everything is clearly laid out in front of you, you are much less stressed and anxious, and quickly become happy and positive.

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We talked about 5 important reasons to organize your life:

  1. To have a specific goal you can focus on
  2. To better control your finances and make sure there is no money “bleeding”
  3. To obtain a better understanding of what’s important to you in life and what’s not
  4. To be more efficient in what you do
  5. To improve your mood and reduce stress and anxiety

Organizing your life will greatly help you in achieving your goals. The real goals that you put at the top of your prioritized list.

If you are not used to having at least some order in your life, start with our suggestions on organizing your life and you will see improvements in all areas that you change.

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