How to Not Miss Opportunities in Life


How many times have you discovered in hindsight that you were presented with a good opportunity but didn’t even realize it at the time? How many times have you realized in time that you have a good opportunity, but something inside you made you not take it?

Such things make you think about how your life could have been so much better had you just taken those opportunities. Many times, taking even a single good opportunity can change your life forever.

But there is no need to dwell in the past – what’s done is done. We are now going to tell you how to not miss opportunities in life, so you can forget the past and concentrate on making a better future for yourself.

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What Kind of Person Are You?


From my experience, I can say that people generally fall into 3 broad categories when it comes to opportunities. People may move between categories over time, and also be in different categories for different types of opportunities, but in general, at specific periods in their life, their actions will mostly belong to just one category.

The first category is of people who miss opportunities because they don’t even realize they are presented with an opportunity… This is usually the result of lack of awareness, self-concentration, or lack of attention.

Sometimes, they may realize later that they had an opportunity and missed it, but it would already be too late. It may take years for them to acknowledge the missed opportunity, or they may never even understand they had one. In their defense, some opportunities come as very subtle and “innocent” remarks, which are hard to spot if you’re not looking for them.

The second category is of people who understand they are presented with an opportunity, but fail to take it. Usually this is because they are indecisive or afraid.

Many opportunities are short-lived, and people who don’t make quick decisions miss opportunities that are only available momentarily. Examples of such opportunities are an attractive girl passing by, a lucrative job that has just become available, or being the first to discover that your dream house is up for sale.

People in the second category realize pretty quickly that they missed a good opportunity, since they are aware that there was indeed an opportunity. So, after they miss an opportunity, they either start justifying why it was “ok” and “not a big deal” to miss that opportunity, or they start blaming themselves for their cowardice and indecisiveness.

The third category is of people who realize they have a good opportunity, and seize it. They have the tendency to not miss opportunities in life, and so their life looks much better compared to other people. They realize there’s an opportunity, evaluate if it aligns with their goals, and make an educated decision about it, in just mere seconds.

The difference between a very successful person and an average person could be just one good opportunity that was seized by the former, but rejected by the latter. That is why people who belong to the first two categories usually don’t realize their dreams.

Read on to discover how you can consistently be in the third category, and put yourself in a great position to advance your life.

Why People Completely Miss Opportunities


If you really start paying attention, you will notice that opportunities are all around us and are always there. A lot of people miss opportunities because they don’t realize that even a small comment by the cashier at the grocery store can lead to a great opportunity.

Some people are also so absorbed in themselves that they don’t even pay attention to what’s going on around them. These people are so lost in their own thoughts that they don’t really listen when you tell them things.

Other people don’t understand what they have, or can have, until the opportunity is gone. This happens a lot in relationships, but can happen in every area of life.

And some people are just too arrogant or stubborn to admit that someone else’s idea is better than theirs and that they should follow a path that someone else suggested instead of the one they intended to follow.

Unfortunately, all these people don’t even understand they miss opportunities in life very often. They don’t even realize there was an opportunity there in the first place.

Are you that kind of person? It may be hard to tell, but if you find yourself realizing in hindsight that you were presented with an opportunity but didn’t realize it, then perhaps the answer is “yes”.

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Why People Don’t Seize Opportunities


If you want to get to the point where you do not miss opportunities in life, you have to be able to both realize that an opportunity exists, and seize the opportunity while it’s still there.

Many people are able to realize that an opportunity is currently presenting itself. Sometimes, they are even directly told that there is an opportunity for them to make their life better. For example, they are offered a good job, or their friends try to get them to meet someone, and so on.

In those cases, some people fail to take that opportunity, or to even just get more details about it. It happens even if they have a feeling that this opportunity can be good to them. They shut that voice down, and instead talk themselves out of taking that opportunity.

These people will find many “reasons” why they shouldn’t take the opportunity, but if that opportunity is really good for them, you can usually realize that their excuses show at least one of these things:

All of these issues are rooted very deep in their lives and that’s why you can almost never find them making their dreams come true. But you will certainly find them passing on opportunities they are given.

Ask yourself if you are that kind of person, but be very true to yourself. It’s very easy to start making excuses just so you don’t have to admit to yourself that you’ve made mistakes in the past, and that you have issues. It’s ok – everybody makes mistakes and everybody has issues. The important thing is to recognize that and work on improving yourself.

How to Spot Opportunities


In order to not miss opportunities in life, you need to first be able to realize that you have an opportunity in front of you. To do that, always be on the lookout for opportunities.

That is, you need to be in the mental state of looking for opportunities, and be aware that you are constantly presented with opportunities, and that opportunities can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Other than that, do the following:

  1. Pay attention to what’s going on around you
  2. Listen carefully to what people are saying
  3. If you heard something that may lead to an opportunity, inquire about it
  4. Tell people that you’re looking for opportunities

And of course, actively look for opportunities – this will also help put you in the right mindset for noticing opportunities that randomly present themselves.

One more important tip is to always listen when someone wants to have a call or a meeting with you, even if you think it’s not relevant to you. You never know what that person is going to say, what direction the conversation is going to take, or whether the information will prove itself useful in the future.

I once got a call from someone who wanted me to work with him in his company. Honestly, I was very busy and it didn’t even sound interesting, but I followed my tip above and went to that meeting, with the intention of saying “thanks for the offer, but it’s not relevant at this point”. I had such a good meeting that I ended up working in that company, which brought me a lot of self-fulfillment, experience, and wealth.

Get into the habit of treating everything as a potential opportunity, and you will discover a lot of hidden gems.

How to Seize Opportunities


Once you realize you have an opportunity in front of you, you need to evaluate if it can advance you further towards your goal, and if it can, you need to act on it. The problem is that you have very limited time to make up your mind. Sometimes, you have only mere seconds to act before the opportunity is gone.

For that, you need to prepare yourself in advance for the opportunity, even without knowing what opportunity is going to come your way. It’s enough that you know that opportunities will come to you if you keep the right mindset. And come they will – that’s a guarantee.

In order to be prepared and not miss opportunities in life, you need to:

  1. Have a clear and specific goal you are trying to achieve
  2. Understand what aligns with your goal, and perhaps more importantly – what doesn’t
  3. Be able to make quick decisions and stand by them
  4. Be able to take calculated risks
  5. Be ok with failing from time to time
  6. Act promptly on your decisions
  7. Have a positive attitude towards life

As you can see, most of these things just mean you need to take care of any mental issues you may have, and to have a clear understanding of what you want in life, and what is unacceptable to you.

Make sure you keep on practicing these traits in all areas of your life and training your mind, so you can be ready when an opportunity comes. You never know what opportunity may change your life forever and when it will come, so start getting ready now.

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In this post, we discussed how to not miss opportunities in life, and talked about the following points:

  1. What 3 types of people exist, when it comes to missing opportunities
  2. Why the first type of people doesn’t even realize they are presented with an opportunity
  3. Why the second type of people passes on good opportunities
  4. How to increase your awareness to the opportunities around you
  5. How to be able to evaluate and quickly pass or take an opportunity, based on your goals

Opportunities are always there, if you keep yourself open to them. Increase your awareness, treat everything as a potential opportunity, make the necessary mental preparations to be able to quickly act on good opportunities, and a wonderful new world will be unveiled to you.

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