How Imagination Helps Change Your Life


Your imagination plays an important role in navigating your life. The things you imagine and believe in will manifest themselves in one way or the other in your life, so naturally, it’s important to know how to use your imagination to your advantage.

In this post, we talk about how imagination helps change your life, and how you should properly develop and use your imagination so you’ll get the positive results you desire.

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Why Imagination is Important


Imagination is perhaps one of the most important things advancing us in life, but also one of the most important things for our mental health and survival.

Imagination helps us create new things, and find creative solutions to problems. It allows us to think about what we can do now that will be useful to us in the future.

It is imagination that made great visionaries introduce us with cars, airplanes, space exploration, the internet, and smartphones.

But imagination also plays an important role in our self-development. Just like a baby sees his parents walking, imagines himself walking too, and tries to imitate them, so can we imagine ourselves in a much better and more successful place, which will motivate us to get there.

This is very important when it comes to our mental health. There are times in life in which we feel very down, and we may even get to a point of depression and feel that all hope is lost. At these times, our imagination can help us. By imagining ourselves in a much better state, we can release ourselves from the mental confinements of our current situation and work towards a more mentally-healthy state.

Your imagination helps change your life, and other people’s lives too, as long as you keep a clear image of what you want to achieve in your mind, and work towards getting it.

Types of Imagination


When we talk about how imagination helps change your life, we can distinguish between two types of imaginations, which are commonly used by people.

Napoleon Hill, in his famous book Think and Grow Rich, named the first type of imagination the synthetic imagination. It is a pretty straightforward mechanism that works with all the knowledge you already have, to directly solve a problem that you’re facing.

For example, you’re given a jigsaw puzzle and you have to assemble it without knowing in advance what the entire picture should look like.

This type of imagination is very useful in solving day-to-day problems and for “inventions” that don’t really require creativity. For example, when you want to develop a new feature for an app, and you already imagine what components you will need to use to make that feature working.

However, for real innovation to take place, the first type of imagination is not enough. When we say that imagination helps change your life, we typically refer to the second type of imagination – the creative imagination.

The creative imagination is where you get your hunches and inspirations from. It’s where you get ideas out of nowhere, when your mind is not even thinking about the problem you’re trying to solve. It is what visionaries use when they want to invent something that is so groundbreaking that it makes other people think they are crazy.

And it is the type of imagination you need to use, in order to change your life for the better. By imagining yourself having a better future, the future you desire, and creatively imagining how you can get there, you can start a process that will lead you on a positive path towards your goal.

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Using Your Imagination to Achieve Your Goals


Almost everything that we achieve in life, we achieve only after we have already imagined ourselves having it. We can use this fact to our advantage when we apply it in reverse – if you constantly imagine something, you will eventually achieve it in one form or the other.

Imagining by itself is not enough, of course – you need to take constant action that is targeted toward the goal that you set for yourself. But it’s your imagination, or your dream, if you like, that sets your goal.

This is one of the best and most positive examples of how imagination helps change your life for the better. You imagine yourself living your dream, and you do it every day. The key is not only to imagine, but to actually believe your imagination and feel as if you have already achieved the thing that you are imagining.

If you do that every day, multiple times a day, it will start affecting your perception and will eventually affect your behavior and actually change the physical reality around you. But you must involve constant action that aligns with what you’re imagining.

For example, if you imagine yourself being confident in some field, and you constantly imagine it while actually studying the field and starting to perform actions in that field, you will indeed grow more confident, and your social environment will perceive you as more confident.

However, if you don’t feel confident, and you don’t imagine yourself being confident, your mind will constantly give you reasons why you’re not confident, you will act without confidence, and it will affect your results in a bad way.

How to Develop Your Imagination


Our imagination, like the rest of our mental faculties, is like a muscle – the more we develop it and the more we use it, the better and stronger it becomes. If you haven’t yet personally experienced how imagination helps change your life, perhaps you just haven’t invested enough time and effort in developing your imagination.

The methods for developing your imagination and developing creativity are very similar. First of all, release yourself from any circumstance that you think may be holding you back, and consider yourself “just dreaming” for the time being. Imagine whatever it is you want to achieve, without considering any limitations.

Getting into this “I’m just dreaming” mindset will help people who are not used to imagining things, but are used to thinking about all the limitations involved, and why their dreams cannot be realized.

Second, gain more knowledge and experience, especially in positive areas and activities that you’re not used to engaging in. This will open your mind to new things and allow your powerful mind to create new connections between pieces of information, which will allow you to imagine even more things than before.

Third, make a list of 20 things that will help you achieve your goal, even if the ideas that you write sound crazy to you. This will force your imagination to work, and will make you start thinking creatively.

The more you use your imagination, the better and stronger it becomes, and you will see that over time, ideas will just start popping into your mind at unexpected times.

It doesn’t help you much if you know how imagination helps change your life, but you don’t really do anything about it. You need to start training and using your imagination as often as possible, so you can achieve better things for yourself. Things that you can now only… well… imagine.

A Word of Caution


Your imagination doesn’t really care what you put into it. You can use it to achieve positive things for yourself, but you can also use it to make life harder for you.

We say that your imagination helps change your life, and that’s true. But we don’t tell you in which way it changes your life. That is completely dependent on how you use it.

If you feel that bad things happen to you all the time, maybe it’s because you’re acting as your own enemy. Let’s demonstrate that with a simple example.

Let’s suppose you are invited to some party, and when you’re there, you see a very nice girl that you really want to talk to. But you have low self-esteem or low self-confidence, so you start imagining what it would be like and you come up with the most horrible and unrealistic outcome: Something about her becoming a red demon with wings, making fun of you out loud, while all the other people point at you and start laughing. You get the idea.

And what would you do in such a case? Probably nothing. Why? Because your imagination scared you.

So, when you consider how imagination helps change your life, you must consider both directions – the good and the bad. Naturally, you want to make sure your imagination leads you in a positive direction that helps you have a better life.

Make sure you concentrate your imagination on positive ideas and positive outcomes. Since your imagination is one of the things that controls your behavior, your behavior will start changing in a positive way, and eventually your life too.

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We talked about how imagination helps change your life, and what sort of change you can expect. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Imagination plays an important role both in our self-development and in our ability to stay mentally healthy when times are hard.
  2. There are two types of imagination: the synthetic imagination and the creative imagination. When discussing how imagination helps change your life, we mostly talk about the creative imagination.
  3. By constantly imagining your dream goal, believing you can reach it and feeling as if you have already achieved it, you start changing your physical reality towards achieving your goal.
  4. Your imagination is like a muscle and must be trained and used constantly to produce better and quicker results.
  5. Your imagination can work both ways. Whether you imagine something good or something bad, this is the direction you’re going to take.

Your imagination is one important faculty of your powerful mind. Make sure you train it and use it properly, in a positive way, to change your life for the better and achieve your goals and dreams.

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